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“Smarter ingredient choices lead to safer products that work”


Melaleuca was one of the first companies to advance the science of plant-derived ingredients. From carefully selecting biodegradable and naturally derived ingredients, to responsible manufacturing practices, to dramatically minimizing waste, Melaleuca has become the world leader in making eco-friendly products.

By using concentrated products, Melaleuca customers have made a huge impact on the environment.



MELALEUCA Smarter Choice Philosophy:


Safe - use the safest, most dependable ingredients available and natural solutions


Effective - they all want, expect, and need products that work as they should.

Nature has effective solutions. We have been doing it for more than 30 years.


Eco-Friendly - Making a difference with concentrated products that reduce waste with highly concentrated products


Affordable - not only save plastic and the environment, save you money.



Melaleuca cleaning products are available by Ildiko Cleaning Service.



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