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Professional Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Every carpet is different therefore we use different, professional carpet cleaning systems (steam, dry, wet) in order to achieve the best quality of upholstery.

Our vacuum cleaner meets the organization’s strict requirements for dust containment, soil removal, and carpet appearance retention.

The disinfection of wet extraction system awarded the highest rating for dirt removal, water removal and fibre surface retention.


The unique vibrating brush has an oscillating motion. The brush gets down inbetween the carpet pile to really work at loosening tough ground in dirt and grime. At the same time, it leaves the carpet pile fluffed up and raised (not flat and matted) so that the vacuum can do its job to extract the liquid along with the dirt that lays deep down inbetween the fibres.

Powerful vacuuming extraction is essential to effective cleaning as, without it, dirt and excessive moisture is left behind. This powerful vacuuming action is essential to give effective cleaning. 80% of the cleaning solution is extracted during the cleaning process leaving most carpets and upholstery dry within two hours.

For spot and stain removing we prefer eco-friendly cleaning products.


As a reference we completed different type of professional carpet & upholstery cleanings in private homes, small and big offices, schools, churches and many more.


After our professional job the carpet will appear fresh, clean and bright.


We offer free, no obligation, personalized quotation for professional carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning.